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9th October 2015
Brazil Game Show, Microsoft Keynote []

This week, Microsoft held a keynote at the Brazil Game Show in which they showed off a variety of new games coming to the console. The selection also included a section of gameplay from Quantum Break narrated onstage by Thomas Puha (Head of PR at Remedy). The same section which was shown behind closed doors at Gamescom earlier this year, although I believe if you check out the game's booth at the show you'll get to view the full version of the demo. / Video Games Brazil recorded the full keynote which you can check on their YouTube channel and below!

One thing I would like to talk about quickly is the quality. You can clearly follow the presentation but for on-stage game demos, but it is a YouTube video of a screen on a screen and sound picked up from speakers, so the ingame version is going to be much better. No news on when the behind closed doors demo from Gamescom is going to be posted online in full but I'll keep you updated when I know more!

Watch the presentation below:
(Remedy's presentation begins around the 42 minute mark.


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