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30th September 2015
Mad Max Payne
From The Team Behind Max Payne: Valhalla

Three years ago Zapruder Pictures created Max Payne: Valhalla, a fan film dedicated to the eponymous protagonist. It was one of the first community spotlight I did on the site, and it's one that I remember fondly. Recently the team returning to the Max Payne series with a new video, and it looks incredible.

The latest video pays tribute to both Max Payne and Mad Max, in a combination which sounds unusual. Should it work? Possibly not. Does it work? Absolutely! There's slow motion, stunts, flares, and an array of impressive action shots which clearly shows how the team has improved over the past few years.

It's a really fun video to watch, so make sure you check it out below:
(There's also a very cool behind the scenes video on their channel too, HERE.)


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