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11th October 2015
Quantum Break's Release Date Announced for Japan

During last month's XBOX Fanfest in Toyko, Microsoft announced the release date for Quantum Break for Japan.

It looks like the release date for the game is going to be staggered, with the first group fans getting their hands on the title on 5th April. However! In Japan, the title will be released on April 7th 2016. So Remedy fans there shouldn't have to avoid spoilers online for too long.

At present I don't believe we know for sure which countries the game will be launched in on 5th April. As soon as I know more information I'll post about it here!

As Quantum Break's release is going to be staggered, it's possibly a good time to talk about spoilers. Remedy's titles have always had a huge story element and part of what makes those stories so great is the unexpected. Those twists and surprises are what brings the audience closer to the story, those experiences make the game more immersive. I've had the endings of so many titles be revealed to me by accidental discoveries that I know how frustrating it can be. (Seriously, this one time I was told the ending to LA Noire directly after I mentioned about being on the final level on the game and avoiding spoilers online.) As for The Sudden Stop, articles with spoilers will be clearly marked with a warning, and will not appear on the summery on the main page or in a search. I'm going to do my best to ensure that those fans who are avoiding them won't accidentally stumble upon one on here.


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