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5th September 2015
The Humble Store's End of Summer Sale (Updated 11/9/15)

Update: The Alan Wake series is currently 80% off as part of The Humble Store's End of Summer Encore Sale. Offer ends Monday! Click HERE for the new pricelist. 

Original Story:

The Humble Store is celebrating the final days of Summer with a sale on hundreds of their titles. Included in the sale is the Alan Wake series. Each day brings further reductions, so sure to stay tuned!

The Alan Wake Franchise is currently 80% off for a limited time only and will revert back to its original discount at 7pm BST tomorrow. Make sure to pick up the franchise pack at the reduced price, if you want to purchase Alan Wake and American Nightmare together or just Alan Wake on its own, as the individual titles do not share the same discount.

For full pricing for the Alan Wake series, click HERE.


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