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15th September 2015
Remedy Celebrating Deerfest / Official Competition

Calling all Alan Wake fans! Remedy is celebrating Deerfest this week with a special competition on Twitter.

All you need to do is have a Twitter account, follow @remedygames and retweet the message below. Make sure to also keep an eye out on their feed as Alan Wake Steam codes might be posted over the next few days, according to Remedy's Facebook post.

For those who don't know, Deerfest is the fictional celebration in Alan Wake which occures in Bright Falls in September, just when Alan and Alice begins their vacation there. It's a tradition in the community and it's taken seriously. Throughout Alan Wake, we see and hear references to its build up from seeing the parade float outside Stucky's Gas Station to Sarah Breaker telling us about the candlelight tradition in the church. While it may be a fictional in-game tradition, in September it's sometimes celebrated in the Remedy community too.


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