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9th August 2015
IGN's Podcast Unlock Discusses Quantum Break

In their latest podcast, Ryan McCaffrey and Alaina Yee discuss the recent Quantum Break gameplay footage and Remedy's direction for their upcoming game. It's a really interesting discussion and one which is perfect to watch as a video or listen in the background as a podcast.

They also talk about changes to Microsoft's direction since the XBOX One console was released, and how that could have impacted the game's development. You can watch the video below:

One thing I wanted to talk about a little, as it was brought up in the video, was Alan Wake. When Alan Wake was released, it was released on the same day as Red Dead Redemption which would inevitably impact sales. And, on a personal note, it was also a title which I feel that could have perhaps had more marketing support from Microsoft. The company is fantastic with promoting games, but it feels like they focus on certain games, and Alan Wake just wasn't one of them. Despite them, since Alan Wake's launch, it's picking up momentum, and the former CEO of Remedy Matias Myllyrinne recently announced that 4.5 million units of the game have been shipped.


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