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7th August 2015
Gamescom 2015: Day Four Wrap Up

While Remedy will be at Gamescom all weekend, yesterday marked the final press day. After a week of interviews, previews, stage demos and more, the last press event wrapped up yesterday afternoon with a quick photo to mark the occasion. While Remedy aren't doing more press events this week, expect Quantum Break goodness over the next few days as interviews and previews continue to be posted online.

Yesterday's posts focused on photos, a lot of photos! Partly because there was a lot of photos posted yesterday and partly because after 25 posts in four days, I was so excited by the prospect of having a post of photos. SO excited. You have no idea. I was this puppy.

So yesterday, we started off with the booth tour which focused on both the press section and on the show floor. AND! Photos of Remedy's growing list of awards and nominations for Quantum Break were posted online.

In addition to the photos new articles about Quantum Break's behind-closed-doors preview began appearing including impressions from GamesRadar and GameInformer.

IGN also had a second interview with Shawn Ashmore which they discuss how he was introduced to the role and the different experience between portraying the protagonist in the game and on screen. You can check it out below:

And finally fans who went to the booth yesterday got some interesting goodies, including a Remedy 20th Anniversary thumbdrive and also a Quantum Break trading card. (XBOX had the card system for EGX last year too. You play or watch a demo for an XBOX game and you receive the card for that game. There's a whole set and once you get everyone you get a special limited edition card.)


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