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7th August 2015
GameInformer's Behind-Closed-Doors Preview (Quantum Break)

GameInformer had the chance to see the behind-closed-doors demo of Quantum Break following their recent interview with Sam Lake, Shawn Ashmore and Jaime Burke. It's an interesting article and one worth reading, especially if you have slight concerns about how the live action series and gameplay with intertwine.

From the article:

For the first few years of Quantum Break's time in the public eye, how the live-action video and gameplay would work together wasn't clear. I also wasn't sure about the quality, with Remedy's minimal experience with film production. Consider both of these fears assuaged. While I haven't yet seen a full episode of the show, talking with creative director Sam Lake and lead actor Shawn Ashmore earlier this week gave me hope. After seeing how Remedy is linking the two pieces, I now have confidence.

Click HERE to read the full piece.


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