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6th August 2015
Gamescom 2015: Day Two Wrap Up

Day Two of Gamescom brought a wave of interviews with Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) and Shawn Ashmore (Lead Actor in Quantum Break).

With new interviews come tons of new information, so make sure to check out their interviews with XBOX On, XBOX Daily, Destructoid, and Twitch. The XBOX On interview has to be the sweetest one I've ever watched.

There's also been a few discussions about the demo footage we saw on the Microsoft Stage on Tuesday. IGN explored the footage in more depth and followed the evolution of the title using the footage released last year. Gamespot's The Lobby also talked about the latest footage and the use of time as a weapon.

Yesterday also brought a series of gameplay and live action screenshots. You can view both HERE and on our gallery very soon!


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