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5th August 2015
Destructoid Interviews Sam Lake

Today Destructoid interviewed Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) about the level of destruction in the game, junction moments and how the television will intergrate with the gameplay.

The interview expands on the player's choice and how they impacts the story:

 The given example of a junction moment is where evil corporate bad guy Paul Serene has to either: 1) kill a student activist who's witness to some shady things or 2) threaten to murder her family to bend her into submission. Both bad, one less bad, I suppose. Her death, should you choose, is reflected in the protest scene from last year's trailer. On the other hand, should she live, she becomes Jacks ally, helping to dig up dirt on Monarch.
Read the full interview, HERE

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Personal opinion. There was some phrasing in the article that bugged me slightly. I'm all for honesty in reviews and I don't believe that reporting on news means that everything must be addressed in a positive light, but some sections of the piece came across as slightly awkward. The interview is presented as a write up rather than a transcript, and includes opinions from the author; something which many video game journalism websites refrain from. The author starts off by the piece by admitting his negative opinions about the game which then inevitably influence the paragraphs after.

Destructoid's article is an opinion piece when the focus could have been on reporting the interview. An interview, I presume, that gave a different impression when it was being conducted than the final result. For me phrases of it feels dishonest because of that. Everyone has their own style of writing though.


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