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4th August 2015
GameInformer Talks to Shawn Ashmore, Sam Lake and Jaime Burke

This afternoon, Remedy revealed brand new footage of Quantum Break. This evening came the interviews. In between the XBOX Media Briefing and the XBOX Fanfest, Shawn Ashmore (the actor portraying Jack Joyce in the game), Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) and Jaime Burke (Executive Producer at Microsoft/Lifeboat Productions) sat down with members of the press to discuss Jack's upcoming adventure.

During the interview, they talk about the live action television series, how Shawn was introduced to the character, Jack's time powers, the story and, perhaps most importantly, the complexity of recreating the perfect "Payne" face.

It's a great read, so make sure to grab some coffee and read it over at GameInformer, HERE.


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