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5th August 2015
Gamespot's The Lobby Talks About Time Powers in Quantum Break

Gamespot series, The Lobby, recently discussed the use of time as a weapon as well as their personal reactions to the latest Quantum Break footage. The five minute video is passionately presented and explores their ideas with genuinely interest which is great to watch.

There was an element of the show that I want to clarify quickly, just as there was a little bit of confusion. It's about the game and television integration. In interviews, Sam has described that the show and game will ship on one disc and you can unlock episodes when you've completed an episode of the game. So essentially; play an episode of the game, watch an episode of the show, play an episode of the game, watch an episode... and so on. The show will be tailored to your experience so the actions you make in the game changes what type of scenes you will get in the show. The show will be on the same disc and ready to go when you are.

But The Lobby presents a very interesting discussion, and definitely worth checking out!


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