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6th June 2015
GOG Summer Sale / Alan Wake Discount

Another quick post today! Both Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are on sale on GOG as part of their DRM-Free Summer Sale. Both games are 80% off for a limited time only.

Updated prices are as followed:
Alan Wake: £3.99
Alan Wake's American Nightmare: £1.29

By purchasing Alan Wake on GOG, you will also receive a number of extras including wallpapers, three Making of... videos, seven Writer in the Cabin videos, nine Night Springs episodes, Poet's of the Fall's War music video and the Alan Wake Files book.

Click HERE to go to the game's page at GOG.

By purchasing Alan Wake's American Nightmare on GOG, you will also receive extras including wallpapers, 9 Night Spring episodes, 3 developer diaries and 6 avatars.

Click HERE to go to the game's page at GOG.


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