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3rd May 2015
Community Spotlight: Raikea's Alan Wake and Bright Falls Fan Art

Raikea is an artist with an extraordinary talent for creating fantastic and realistic digital paintings. Recently she began drawing images inspired by the Alan Wake series, which includes its prequel web show, Bright Falls.

Her work mainly focuses on the subject and their facial expressions and body language, to tell the story behind their situation, rather than placing them in a setting. Though I wouldn't call the backgrounds minimalistic; the lights and shades complements the portraits.

Also dammmmmn, look at that lighting: 

Her drawings focuses on the small details to create a realistic and captivating image. The care that she puts into her work is obvious right from the outset. Attention is clearly given to things which some people may overlook or not register. And while many of us may not see all of these details, it certainly shows in the overall look of the pieces.

So far she has focused on the Bright Falls series and the original Alan Wake game, which both have a separate, unique atmosphere. While the tone of Bright Falls drastically changes by the end, her work primary focuses on the first couple of episodes with warm colours, and just a hint of something ominous under the surface. With her Alan Wake piece, it's a completely different tone: the character appears more isolated and unsettled with his situation, it's much more sinister.

To see more of Raikea's fantastic work, make sure to check out her deviantArt page, HERE and her Tumblr page, HERE.


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