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9th January 2015
Dimensional Imaging Celebrates 12 Years

This week, Dimensional Imaging celebrated their twelve anniversary! Last November, it was announced that Remedy's upcoming AAA title, Quantum Break, will be using the company's tech to help deliver realistic and believable characters. Quantum Break will feature the DI4D facial performance capture technology alongside the developer's own Northlight. You can discover more about how Remedy will be using this technology, HERE.

Congratulations to the team at Dimensional Imaging!

Press Release:

"Founded by Colin Urquhart and Dug Green as a spin-out from the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh in 2003, DI has pioneered the use of passive stereo photogrammetry for the capture of high definition 3D models. Their technology has been extended to the capture of 3D model sequences (or 4D data), and is used for high fidelity facial performance capture - something the Company is well renowned for. DI’s systems and software are used widely for entertainment and research purposes, and the Company works with organisations such as Remedy Entertainment, Electronic Arts (EA) and Sony Computer Entertainment."
(Source: Gamasutra)

To learn more about Dimensional Imaging, check out their website, HERE.


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