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28th January 2015
Community Spotlight: Makr0ss' Noirvember Challenge

What I love about Tumblr is the constant amount of incredible things people do through the site. A few months ago, I wrote about the Colour Palette Meme; in which a group of Alan Wake fans created artwork using a character from the series and a difficult colour scheme. Today, I want to tell you about another interesting art project.

As the name suggests, Noirvember is a challenge that takes place during November and focuses on the noir film genre. Each day there is an aspect of Noir that participants need to reflect in the drawings. Last year, Makr0ss decided use the Max Payne series as the focus for his challenge.

What I especially love about his approach to the project is the variety of techniques he used. So instead of just drawing the first image that came to mind according to that day's prompt, he experimented with the drawing tools he had. A project like this is a perfect opportunity to do that, and as you can tell from the selection below, the result was incredible.

Another thing that I adore with his collection of the images, is that they're inspired by scenes throughout the entire Max Payne series, spanning across all of the games, and you can certainly tell that he knows his stuff. It's a fantastic tribute to the games!

Check out the stunning selection of images below and the full list on Makr0ss' Tumblr page, HERE.

You can follow the artist on Tumblr (HERE) or deviantArt (HERE)
Click HERE for the full list of drawings prompts.


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