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25th January 2015
Amelia Rose Blaire Tweets About Quantum Break

If you follow Amelia Rose Blair on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen a familiar logo appear on your dashboard.

Recently the actor tweeted a photo of the Remedy logo, describing her collaboration with the developers on Quantum Break as a "thrilling adventure". As of yet, Remedy hasn't confirmed their full cast list for the game or announced Amelia's involvement in the project. That's to be expected though, as the title is still under development, the finer details of the game (which includes the cast list) wouldn't be announced until later.

Here is Amelia's twitter message:

The actor has starred in numerous television shows, such as Grimm, The Mentalist, 90210, and The Glades, but she is perhaps best known for her role as Willa Burrell in True BloodQuantum Break, would be her first role in a video game.


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