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23rd January 2015
Poets of the Fall's New Music Video, "Love Will Come to You"

Today, Poets of the Fall released their a new music video to coincide with the launch of their latest single, Love Will Come to You.

The song can also be found on the Jealous God album, but purchasing the single will give you extra goodies including a live recording of All the Way / 4U, as well as The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper and the full and radio versions of Love Will Come to You. You can buy the package at iTunes.

As for their music video, it's posted on their YouTube and Vimeo channel in the new 4K / UltraHD option. Which could be one of the first Finnish music videos released in that format. So if you have a device or computer which can handle it, make sure to check it out! You can also watch it below.


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