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2nd December 2014
Venture Beat Interviews Matias Myllyrinne

Quick news post today! GamesBeat (also known as VentureBeat) recently interviewed Matias Myllyrinne about Remedy's current position. They talked about how the company is handling multiple products, the technology behind them and finding talent.

Article Extract:

Matias Myllyrinne is a good sport. When I suggested we do our interview in a sauna, the chief executive of Finland’s Remedy Entertainment didn’t mind. And he said, “Let’s do it” when I said the sauna would be 300 feet above the ground, with just the two of us, hanging from a giant crane. It was just one of those things you do at Slush 2014, the startup conference that drew 14,000 attendees to Helsinki a couple of weeks ago.

Click HERE to read the interview!


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