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19th November 2014
"Introducing the Agents" Character Profiles

For the past few weeks, the Agents of Storm Facebook page has been posting their agent and enemy character profiles online. Which, to be honest, is a little risky. Anyone could have access to that information, including members of the Chimera corporation.

"Ms Meredith, we have confirmation that Agent Evan Phoenix once punched an ostrich in the face", "Good God, Steve. Has that man no heart? That ostrich was one of our best agents." 

Meredith walks out of the room and straight to her office. Her desk which, like most evil geniuses, is for decorative purposes, and only features a selection of photo frames, most containing certificates of achievement...Except one. She gazes down at a photograph of her sitting beside the ostrich with the most deadpanned face imaginable. There is no love there, not even kindness, yet to her that agent meant everything. She pauses there for a few minutes, the silence only broken by the bubbling sound of the water cooler out in the hallway. Slowly she reaches down and presses the call button on her desk. "Assemble some of our best men."

Agents of Storm is currently out now on the Apple App Store, with details of a Windows Phone and Android version due to arrive in the coming months.

You can check the profiles out for yourself below:


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