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28th October 2014
iMore Interviews Remedy about Agents of Storm

iMore recently spoke to Markus Mäki (Project Lead at Remedy) and Saku Lehtinen (Art Director at Remedy) about the development of the team's latest mobile adventure, Agents of Storm

The interview focuses on a number of topics from the inital concept to the art style of the game, as well as broader subjects like the company's view on the future of mobile gaming.

Click HERE to read the full interview.

The game is now available for free via the Apple App Store.

Agents of Storm was originally announced during VGX last year. The game has been described as a reversed tower defence game taking place on the sea. You control and build a base, expand your army and lead your agents in an intense battle against the Chimera corporation. Last month, Remedy announced a partnership with Flaregames who would be contributing to the development and distribution of the product.


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