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17th October 2014
Alan Wake Colour Palette Meme

It's no secret that the Alan Wake community has a lot of talented artists, a number of who took part in a project on Tumblr, a little while ago. The project was the Colour Palette Meme.

The meme asks followers to suggest a character and a colour scheme from the selection provided. Anyone can step up to the challenge by posting on their blog and anyone can give suggestions. The colour scheme is restricted to five colours which, in some way limits what you can do, but also makes the work a lot more interesting as the artist is forced to find alternative ways of achieving their end goal.

(From Left to Right) Artwork by Forsyther, Sheepy Doodle, 03roku and Invisible Rain.

Something I really love about the artwork from this project is the amount of variety. If you think about the colour scheme for the series; pinks, cyan and olive may not even be on the list. Yet there's something certainly fascinating and appropriate about the use of those colours in the drawings.

Artwork by Sheepy Doodle:
DeviantArt / Tumblr

Tumblr has a growing community inspired by the Bright Fall miniseries. The series was launched as a prequel to the orignal Alan Wake game and was released just before the title's launch. While Alan was referenced throughout the episodes, the show focused more on Jake Fisher who undegos a series of alterations whilst in Bright Falls. The range of cyan and pink hues may not be the first thing you think about when imagining the unusual town, but Sheepy Doodle has definitely made it work and the piece looks absolutely incredible!

Artwork by Kristy (aka InvisibleRain):
Facebook / Twitter / DeviantArt / Tumblr

If you're an active member or follower of the Alan Wake tag on Tumblr, chances are InvisibleRain's art will be familar to you. Kristy has created an impressive collection of fanart ranging from action shots, posters, sketches, doodles and more. Her drawing above is one of the meme's more darker ones, both in tone and in atmosphere. It's a beautiful and haunting image! I especially love how she blends the colours together, almost  reminiscent of water; perfect considering the game's story.

Artwork by 03roku:
Twitter / Tumblr

I am a big fan of 03roku's Alan Wake drawings; they're always beautiful and insanely sweet, and the entries for the meme are no exception. While Mr Scratch looked dashing in the black tailored suit in American Nightmare, he looks equally as good in purple, olive and red. Looking at the images, I like to think these drawings were inspired by an annual meeting of the Dark Presence. 03roku's work is always incredibly cool, so if you haven't already, make sure to check our their Tumblr page, HERE.

Artwork by Forsyther:
Deviant Art / Tumblr

While I'm excited about Quantum Break, I also feel a certain sadness whenever I think about how the next Alan Wake game will begin. Whether time has progressed naturally or if it begins directly after the events of Alan Wake? One of the things I love about Forsyther's work is the look of loss and desperation in Alan's face, it's very expressive! You can't help but feel moved by it.


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