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27th September 2014
Remedy Joins With Flaregames to Publish Agents of Storm

VentureBeat recently announced a new partnership between Remedy and Flaregames to complete development and distribution of Agents of Storm.

Agents of Storm was announced at last year's VGX and originally planned to be released globally earlier this year. Over the past several months, the mobile team has been hard at work improving the title based on player feedback from their soft launch in New Zealand.

The deal between the two companies focuses on the co-development of the title as well as publishing, the details of which were drafted at a recent meetup in London.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Remedy's CEO, Matias Myllyrinne stated:

“Buying Klaas a beer was £3 well spent. Turns out that Flaregames is the perfect partner to help us excel with our newest iOS venture, Agents of Storm. For us, first and foremost, a good partnership is about mutual respect and understanding. Flaregames brings so much more to the table with a seasoned team of professionals and a track record of scaling mobile games.”

Click HERE to read the full article at VentureBeat.


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