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11th September 2014
The Humble Store's End of Summer Sale

While the end of summer may be bad news for some; the inevitable shorter days, the sudden rush of coldness in the air, the deadly plagues that strikes near every family gathering. The Humble Store is holding a two week sale to make sure you're stocked up on video games for those cold months. Consider it to be like hibernation!

On top of sales which continue throughout the two weeks, there are also daily deals which reduces the price further on selected titles. All deals end 22nd September.

The Alan Wake Franchise pack is currently on sale, reduced from £30.99, it can now be purchased for £12.39. The pack includes Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and the Collectors Edition Extras. In the extras, you will receive the developer commentary videos, Illuminated PDF book and the Alan Wake soundtrack.

Click HERE to view Alan Wake on The Humble Store.

10% of all sales goes to the American Red Cross, Child's Play Charity, Charity: Water, World Land Trust and Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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