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16th June 2014
PG Connects (Helsinki 2014) is on!

It's the first day of Pocket Gamer Connects, also referred to as PG Connects; a two day convention focusing entirely on mobile gaming. This is the second PG convention, with the previous one taking place earlier this year in London. If you're in the Helsinki area, and you're interested in the mobile game industry (you really should because it's fascinating!), definitely check it out, HERE.

Remedy's CEO, Matias Myllyrinne will also be taking part in a panel today at 11:20 with Tero Virtala (RedLynx), David Bluhm (DropForge), Teemu Huuhtanen (Next Games) and Johan Sjöberg (Paradox Interactive). The talk is called, The IP Power Panel – Console heavyweights discuss the pros and cons of big-brand IP. 

This afternoon Matias will also be taking part in another session at 17:40 called The History of Finnish Mobile Games Part 3 – Where now? He will be joined by Suvi Latva (Neogames), Joakim Achren (Next Games), Lasse Seppanen (PlayRaven), Jiri Kupiainen (Shark Punch), Timo Soininen (Small Giant Games), Antti Stén (Boomlagoon), George Osborn (Steel Media) and also one of Remedy's co-founders, Petri Järvilehto (Seriously)


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