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6th May 2014
Community Spotlight: carboosemcgrief

If you've been following The Sudden Stop on Twitter recently, carboosemcgrief's username may already be familiar to you; I'm in love with their work.

Over the past few weeks they have uploaded several new pieces of Alan Wake fanart onto deviantART. What's particularly great about the work is the variety of styles: from bright colour drawings to more sombre art. All of the pieces are not only clever but incredibly sweet. Seriously, look at Barry! He's adorable!

...And that was made on Paint, which is even more impressive. As well as the styles, there's huge variety in the types of fan art carboosemcgrief makes, and while obviously great with creating original pieces, can also do amazing drawings which pays homage to other influences such as THIS gif.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out caboosemcgrief's work on DeviantArt, HERE. It not only contains a selection of Alan Wake fan art, but it's also rich with artwork inspired by Invader Zim, Doctor Who, Halo and many more.


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