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12th March 2014
UK World Book Day Recommendations

Last Thursday was World Book Day here in the UK, and with my Twitter feed still over encumbered by novel recommendations, I'm going to contribute. I know, I'm a monster. So, if you're a fan of Alan Wake, you might want to check out these pages:

Sam Lake recommends...
Remedy Forums

Six years ago, Sam was asked about a list of books he would recommend to gamers looking forward to Alan Wake. I'm currently reading The Book of Illusion by Paul Auster, and really enjoying it, although I've heard good reviews for all three books. Follow the link for the list and to talk about the recommendations.

Click HERE to go to the thread.

Alan Wake Novelisation
by Rick Burroughs

Of course the novelisation is going to be on this list!

Click HERE to view the book on Amazon.

by Mikko Rautalahti (Fun Past Times)

The year before last, Mikki published his Nanowrimo novel online. Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month; every November a group of writers embark on a journey to write a novel containing 50,000 words in a one month deadline. Fadeout is available for free on Mikki website, but donations to Amnesty Internation would be appreciated.

Click HERE to go to Mikki's website.

This House of Dreams
by Sam Lake

Shortly after the release of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, a website surfaced called This House of Dreams. The blog was created by someone called Samantha who, after moving into her dream house, found a shoebox containing weird poems and starts having unusual nightmares. A few months after, it was revealed to be one of Sam's side projects.

Click HERE to go to the website.

XCOM Playthrough
by Mikko Rautalahti (Remedy Forums)

If you're new to the Remedy community, there are some threads you should definitely check out. They're sometimes referenced in the darkest shadows of the forums and subtle references in videos. They're also a lot of fun and bring back good memories and Mikki's playthrough of XCOM is definitely one of them. Mikki named his characters after members of the forums and documented their tales. It's a beautiful thing.

Click HERE to go to the forum.


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