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4th February 2014
The Sudden Stop's 2nd Anniversary

In police dramas there's always one scene that tends to be universal throughout the genre, and it goes a little like this: the protagonist is about to go home when they realise something important, it's their anniversary. This scene usually takes place right at the beginning of the show with the rest of the run time partially dedicated to the protagonist dilemma of what to get their partner without hinting that they forgot. The solution is either one of two things: a) holiday by the beach or b) sleeping alone on the sofa.

What I'm trying to say is:
It's The Sudden Stop's 2nd Anniversary! 
Not that I forgot or anything....*shifty look*
I'll sleep on the sofa tonight then.

Thank you to everyone who have supported the website for the past two years, I really appreciate it. The Remedy community is definitely one of the best! :)


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