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2nd December 2013
Advent Calendar #01: Handmade Cards

With Christmas in just a few weeks, we begin our annual advent calendar! Like last year, specially themed articles will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday leading up to the 25th, to help you get into a Christmassy mood. If you have any ideas for future articles, you can suggest them HERE

To start off the event, I wanted to do a short but sweet activity which can be completed in an hour or two; creating special cards themed with Remedy's titles. In the end I chose to create two cards, one with an Alan Wake theme in mind, the other with Quantum Break.

The first thing to do is to collect any craft items you have around the place. For me this consisted of a variety of fabric ribbon, glue, scissors, felt tip pens, pencils, bronze and silver Sharpies, and peach coloured card. The first thing to do (apparently) is to arrange them in an interesting yet random collection on your desk and turn on a nearby lantern for dramatic effect...

Then clear your desk, because you kind of need it now for actual card making stuff. Why are you trying to make cards with your desk all messy?! It's like you don't even want to do this craft! Gah, I'm working with amateurs here.

I decided to do the Alan Wake card first of all as it was the trickiest. Writing "merry christmas" across the card created a background which is certainly much more interesting than just leaving it blank, but this also created the initial colour scheme.

Adding the gold fabric ribbon created an interesting border, and I couldn't resist working with actual fabric ribbon opposed to the sharp, rigid stuff which is usually in abundance in shops this time of year. Adding this border can make the card stand out more, if it's done well. To make sure that it stayed in position I cut little notches on either side which spans the width of the ribbon. Like so...

(That bow took around seven minutes....I wish I was kidding.)

Now for the main decoration! For my card I chose to a small and simple drawing of Wake in a Christmas hat with a glass of wine in his hand.

And coloured it in...

I put my drawing on a piece of card which complemented the colour scheme as well as allowing it to stand out a little more which became a necessity with the huge ribbon.

Right! Now onto the next. I wanted to create a Quantum Break card.

This time, the Christmas theme is more prominent with a seasonal message written in large letters along the side and then the edge cut to fit around words. I used the bronze Sharpie on the inside of the card to allow for a more attractive background. Also I like shiny things.

For my main image I decided to attempt to recreate a design from Quantum Break; the Monarch logo...With a Santa hat. The main body was created, again, using the bronze Sharpie, which was then outlined with a black felt tip pen. I left a space to add a little hat which was drawn in using felt tip pens.

Poets of the Fall fans may see a connection between the drawing on the card and this handsome gentleman...

Image from POTF's Twitter feed.
Because of absence of layers, this card was much quicker to complete compared to the other, but drawing directly onto the card also increased the risk of messing it up.

And here they are together!

Hope you like the cards and article, make sure to check back on Wednesday for more!


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