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28th December 2013
Poets of the Fall Live DVD Competition Reminder

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Just wanted to post a quick reminder about the competition to win Poets of the Fall's Live in Moscow DVD. Here are the details:

Are you a fan of Poets of the Fall / Old Gods of Asgard?

We are teaming up with Mr Scratch ( for a new competition! Scratch will be giving one lucky winner a copy of Poet's "Live in Moscow" DVD.

All you need to do to enter is suggest how Scratch might be celebrating Christmas. You could write your entry, draw fanart, write fanfiction, anything you want!

Once you're ready, you can enter by replying in the comments below (on Facebook!), either on Mr Scratch's or The Sudden Stop's page. OR you can email it to:

The competition closes on New Year's Eve, and the winner will be chosen by Scratch himself.


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