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19th December 2013
An Abundance of Articles #02

Over the last few days there has been a series of interesting articles:
A Quantum Breakthrough: Remedy's quest for the perfect game narrative
(Link) Develop

[Interview with Oskari H√§kkinen] "He adds: “Obviously we are not naive to the fact that some people may not necessarily want to watch some linear media when they slot out their gaming time. So once it is unlocked, it's unlocked for you to jump in or experience whenever you then so choose. So it could be you catch up on it through your tablet device or your mobile device on the bus to work, and then you get home and you're ready for the next experience.”"

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Quantum Break's live-action TV integration explained

"Remedy has explained how Quantum Break's live-action episodes will be integrated with the main game, revealing that players will unlock a new live-action episode at the end of particular gameplay segments which they can choose to watch immediately or later on their iPad or phone."

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not even kidding about any of this
(Link) Fun Pastimes for Stupid Children

While it's not technically Remedy related, I wanted to share an interesting article written by their writer, Mikko Rautalahti. The article highlights the issue of gender equality (or rather, the somewhat lack of it) in the video game industry.

"I’m not kidding about this, and I’m not being hyperbolic. If I had to name the worst thing about my industry, it would absolutely be this. It’s a cancer within, and it’s worse than all the other problems we have, and it makes me angry and ashamed."

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