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18th December 2013
Advent Calendar #08: A Very "Christmassy" Stencil

Growing up I always had a passion for science fiction. My parents met at a Star Trek convention so I couldn't really escape it. There's a painting of a rock formation on the moon hanging in the living room. The bookshelves are filled with everything from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Carl Sagan's Cosmos, NASA's Greatest Missions and Galaxy Quest. And don't get me started on the number of Tribbles there are in the house! 

This also had a great impact on my school life, and while I severely struggled to enjoy my time at Primary school there were a few memorable moments. Near Christmas, my teacher in Year 1 taught the class how to use paint and stencils on sugar paper to make handmade wrapping paper. Of course being near the holidays it was suggested that we use images related to the time of year. There would also be a competition at the end of the day. Among the entries were  holly, reindeer, christmas trees and....The Enterprise? OK, I didn't win, in fact I was disqualified but still. 

As I was thinking about what things I wanted to have on the site's advent calendar this year, I kept thinking of this memory. So I decided to try and recreate the "Alan Wake Do Not Open Until" stencil from the Announcement to Fans video. It's not Christmassy, but it's close enough! :)

You can download or view the stencil design below:

(Also if you're planning on making the stencil more durable, I highly recommend checking out Tally's Treasury craft blog.)


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