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10th December 2013
iNK Stories' "1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday" (Updated!)

While it's not technically Remedy related, prepare yourself for an interesting and somewhat strange news post with a "wait...what" moment. It's an fascinating game and definitely worth checking out!

iNK Stories is developing a new title for Android, iOS and PC called 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday. The project is currently collecting funds through Kickstarter with a week to go before the end. (It also includes the involvement of several people who have previously worked on the Max Payne and Alan Wake series.)

1979 REVOLUTION Sites:

The game takes place during the Iranian revolution in 1979. You play as a young photographer called Reza residing in Tehran who decides to join the movement:
Without political or religious motivation, Reza is impassioned by the idea of change and embittered by the brutal loss of his cousin.  He enlists in the revolution and becomes a key player in the ground movement to overthrow the monarchy. Only months after the victorious revolt, Reza is betrayed by the new regime at the hand of his best friend. 
(Official Synopsis)
The plot as well as the development backstory is particularly interesting with this project. I highly recommend you read both sections over on their Kickstarter page.

Now for the "wait...what" moment. You may recognise at least one of the developers behind the project, Navid Khonsari, who has worked on both of Remedy's Max Payne games and Alan Wake! As well as Navid, there are a few extra names that fans of Remedy games would recognise. How about this for a cast...

(Words can't describe how great Matthew Porretta's photo is...Especially if you tilt the screen so the colours go all weird and inverty. )

James and Matthew also recorded a special video announcing their involvement in the project, which you can check out below:


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