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4th November 2013
Rumour: Ilkka Villi Working With Remedy Again

A little while ago, a link was posted on N4G which redirects the viewer to who turn redirects you to a post on the NeoGaf forums by user, Big Jeffrey. The post announced that Ilkka Villi (actor for Alan Wake and Mr Scratch) was working with Remedy on a project. Although forum posts are a great way of finding out about new information from interviews (especially if you don't speak the language), the problem here was that there was limited proof. All that was posted was a screenshot of Ilkka on a talk show, with had a quick description:

"But Ilkka Villi (Alan Wake) was on a morning TV show. Apparently he's working with Remedy on something which he can't talk about. (Alan Wake? Probably)"
 - NeoGaf Forum Post
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Remedy has worked with the same actors multiple times in the past, such as James McCaffrey who voiced Max Payne as well as Thomas Zane and Alex Casey; so it does make sense that Ilkka might be working with them again. Ilkka also did appeared on the show, Puoli Seitsemän on 31st October...The only problem with the rumour is that no other website has independently* reported on the news, and there doesn't seem to be much material to double checks the facts; no video or transcript of the interview.

Because I can't double check it, I wanted to class it as a rumour on this site. The reason why I decided to post it now is because of a rather interesting comment via the Remedy forums, click HERE.

My impressions? I'm going to wait until I watch the interview for confirmation, but it would be great to see Ilkka back in a Remedy title! He's a great guy who did an amazing job at portraying both Alan and Mr Scratch (especially in the live action scenes). The developers are really passionate about the Alan Wake franchise and they seemed enthusiastic about returning to the series one day, perhaps Ilkka's presence (perhaps in Quantum Break?) is a nod that they haven't forgotten. And Sam did hint during E3 that there may be references to Remedy's previous works in the next game...So perhaps?

* "Independently" here meaning that they've researched the topic, found proof and posted it themselves while being content that the information is correct.


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