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28th November 2013
Steam's Autumn Sale Includes Max Payne Bundle

The Max Payne series is now available at a discounted price as part of Steam's Autumn Sale!

Payne hasn't had the best of lives, and if you've read the comics, it doesn't get that much better for our eponymous protagonist. However through the games comes an immense amount of schadenfreude...I'm sorry Max. The entire series is worth playing, especially the first two games which are incredibly unique as it was Remedy's first AAA title, and the first series which properly introduced Bullet Time into the video game industry. If you love a strong and emotional storyline, deep characters, a great soundtrack and Easter eggs, then the Max Payne series is for you.

You can visit the bundle's landing page, HERE.

(Offer ends 3rd December)

New prices are as followed:

Max Payne
Was: £5.99
Now: £2.99

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
Was: £5.99
Now: £2.99

Max Payne Bundle:
Was: £9.99
Now: £4.99


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