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17th November 2013
Changing Our Tumblr Page

A few days ago I made some changes to The Sudden Stop's Tumblr page. As well as updating the look, I'm also adding some new features to the site. If you're interested in learning more about the references, behind the scenes, or inspirations in Remedy's titles make sure to check out the new page, HERE

The original post on the page:

As Alan Wake 2 is currently on hold, I don’t want this site to fade away between now and then, so I’m planning to adapt it to focus on all of Remedy’s titles.

The way the site will work will also change slightly. Instead of focusing solely on the games, I will be posting things which may also be of interested to you. For instance video conferences of topics referenced in the titles, or links about the growth of the Finnish gaming industry.

Of course there will also be lots of Alan Wake goodies. :) Hope you enjoy the new look!


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