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5th October 2013
Microsoft Upload Outreach (Alan Wake Entries)

In August, Microsoft announced their Upload Outreach Programme. Winners of the event would win an XBOX One, one year Gold membership, a selection of XBOXOne launch titles, and the opportunity to collaborate with the Upload team. To enter the competition, gamers were asked to create a video lasting one minute focusing a specific game.
Here's a selection of some of the entries from Remedy Fans!

XBOX One Upload Outreach Contest Video: Alan Wake
by Robert LaBerta II

I particularly like this video, it's more personal than most and explores why he chose Alan Wake for his video. It takes quite a bit of guts to record a video knowing it is going to be put online, and do it in one solid take.

(Link to video)

Microsoft Upload Oureach - Alan Wake
by Jonas Weber

It's not a lake, it's a lotion. If you follow Remedy on Twitter, you may have already seen this video. It's a great clip which blends the game's cutscenes with filmed footage. It's cleverly done, and really amusing to watch!

(Link to video)

XBOX Upload Outreach Program- Alan Wake
by trigun180

Trigun180 took a different approach to the contest, creating a trailer for Alan Wake. It's definitely effective with creating tension and suspense. What more could you want from a trailer about a psychological action thriller?!

(Link to video)

Upload Outreach Program - Alan Wake
by Reed Moeller

At first this video appears like a trailer which blends footage with typography...And then something really weird happens. Lets just say that it's probably not the best video to watch during a power cut and in the dark, on your own; it doesn't do jump scares but it's certainly plays on the game's psychological aspect!

(Link to video)

Microsoft Upload Outreach Program - Paper Alan Wake
by Matthew Fuller

Matthew takes a very different and interesting approach to the challenge, paying homage to the game through the use of paper puppets. It looks like a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into the project, from the design and drawing the characters to stringing together all the clips to form a story.

(Link to video)

Alan Wake XBox One Upload Outreach Contest Video
by Mike Murphy

Mike's entry is one of my absolute favourite! I love the artwork, how he tells the story and explains why he picked the title. It reminds me of the Max Payne games which told the cutscenes through the use of graphic novels.

(Link to video)

Alan Wake (Microsoft Outreach Video Contest)
by KavinkeeZ

KavinkeeZ's entry combines The Poet and the Muse as well as clips of Alan Wake's cutscenes to form a cool looking one minute trailer.

(Link to video)

Upload Outreach Program: Alan Wake Music Video
by Yusius

There's something about using The Poet and the Muse as the choice of background music for this competition! Yusius has created an interesting music video which matches song lyrics to the actions or events in the game.

(Link to video)

Upload Outreach Program
by fflegen19

This video has a really sweet description/backstory behind it which you should read before watching as it will give you a clearer sense of the meaning behind the drawings:

When i first saw the announcement for the upload outreach program i immediately started brainstorming ideas but it seemed they were all just out of reach either because i didn't have a good enough camera or i didn't have the soft ware so i decided to try something different after they say one picture is worth a thousand words. the next task was to out which game i love the most, and after a long internal debate one game came out on top. Alan Wake. I beat this game multiple times it bridged genres it had horror action and even moments of comic relief. The collectors edition had a feature that i had never seen before, a developer commentary, at certain point s in the game a picture in picture would pop up of the developers at remedy and they would explain how they created certain things in the amazingly made game. for all of these reasons alan wake is favorite game and i would be extremely grateful to be one of the winners so i can have a chance to play quantum break on the xbox one. thanks for watching.
(Link to video)


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