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26th October 2013
Poets of the Fall Live DVD Released!

The wait is over! To celebrate the band's 10th anniversary, their Moscow gig was recorded earlier this year. The DVD was funded by contributors through Pledge Music, with the project raising 196% over their goal. If you didn't purchase the item in the campaign, now is your chance to get hold of it! It's now available to buy through their official store run by Mad Supply.

The DVD contains the entire show (around 90 minutes), plus behind the scenes photos, a documentary (30 minutes), and an interview lasting an hour. It's a really great DVD, and definitely worth buying!

Check out the store HERE, where you can buy the DVD for €21.50.

For those fans who don't know, Poets and Remedy share a close history, with individuals contributing to the original Max Payne. The band's first song, Late Goodbye, was composed for Max Payne2. In Alan Wake they returned, this time as the in-game fictional band, the Old Gods of Asgard. Through this name, Poets created the songs Children of the Elder God, The Poet and the Muse, and Balance Slays the Demon (the latter appearing in American Nightmare). The band also had a couple of their songs from previous albums appear in the games such as War (Alan Wake) and The Happy Song (American Nightmare).

Fans of both Remedy and Poets will also recognise two songs in show from both the Max Payne and Alan Wake era!


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