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29th July 2013
New Feature: The Bookhouse

Over the years, Remedy has taken inspiration from many sources including novels, television shows, movies, comic books, music etc. In this new feature we will be looking at some of those inspirations...

How will it work? Every so often there will be a poll about what titles people are interested in. Once the voting is done, I'll give enough time for everyone to watch or read the title and then I'll post up an article about it. The article will talk not only about the title itself but also about what similarities or references appear in Remedy's games. It would be great to read your contributions and what you thought about the voted titles in the article's comment section. I'll also try to arrange future competitions or giveaways for those who participate in this new feature too!

What's up first? With the recent announcement of Quantum Break, I thought it would be nice to look at some of the revealed inspirations for the title. Luckily a few weeks ago at E3, Sam mentioned some of the films the developers looked at.  There are two specific movies that would be good to start off with; Inception and Back to the Future!

What are the films about? In short, Inception is a film released in 2010 which is directed and written by Christopher Nolan. It focuses on dreams and dreams within dreams, and breaking the laws of physics to make pretty landscapes! And Nolan might be known for some other movies...I think he dabbled with a few projects in the past few years...nothing big.

While both films are in the science fiction genre, Back to the Future is more traditional sci-fi as it focuses primarily on time travel, and everyone loves time travel! It was also created 25 years prior to the Inception's release...and that's a scary thought. The film is about what happens when time is interfered with and what dangers may become of it.

I hope you are interested in the feature! I have literally no idea how well something like this will do!

Thanks for reading.

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