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11th July 2013
Mr Scratch’s Facebook Page Competition

If you’re on Facebook and you haven’t “liked” Mr Scratch’s Facebook page, you should be thinking about correcting that. It’s an amazing page which houses a pretty believable role play of our terrifying, yet undoubtedly lovable antagonist. Recently the page passed over 1000 fans (Congratulations!) and in celebration , the admin has arranged a thank you gift in the form of a competition.

The page is giving away a t-shirt (with artwork by Kristy aka Invisible Rain Art) as well as a selection of AW stickers. Who said that all of Scratch’s celebrations need to end in a blood bath? All you need to do to enter is “like” the page (HERE) share the competition entry photo (HERE).

Competition ends on 15th July (next Monday).

(Disclaimer: The Sudden Stop holds no responsibility if the winner obtains a blood bath instead of the promised t-shirt and stickers.)


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