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9th June 2013
Checkpoint Games Podcast (Alan Wake: Episode 1)

The great thing about the recent Alan Wake sales is that the community is growing and so there is constantly new fan material. More people are getting inspired and there's more activity at the forums. We have this ongoing blend of people who have played the Alan Wake games through numerous times, and those who are experiencing completely new.

Flaviu and  Douglas from Checkpoint Games have recently started a new podcast called Checkpoint Presents, in which they focus on an episode/chapter/level of a game and discuss it in depth. They talk about their opinions on certain scenes and what they felt about it, they walk the listener through the level and talk in detail about the protagonist's journey. Recently they started doing this with Alan Wake, and you can listen to their podcast of episode one, HERE

There is an interesting catch though, one of them have played the game whereas the other is playing it for the first time. I think it's an interesting take on the usual gaming podcast! As you play the game you will have many different interpretations and ideas about how the story might evolve, and listening to the podcast (especially if you've already played the game through a few times) is like experiencing the game anew. Both hosts are also extremely lovely and enthusiastic about the title, so it's highly recommended.

Make sure also to follow them on Twitter at @CheckpointGames1.


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