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19th June 2013
Community Spotlight: 03roku's Fanart

After a busy past few weeks, Community Spotlight is back! This time I want to introduce you to one of my favourite fan artists, 03roku! If you follow the Alan Wake tag or alanwakeblog on Tumblr you may already be familar with the artist's work; they're a blend of adorable and strange! The unique style is something which immediatly caught my eye months ago.

What I really love about the work is the amount of variety. Even from selection we've got below, there are in-game scenes, images inspired by news events, by videos, and that Alan eating a donut? Is that a penguin?! Barry, who gave you permission to turn into a beaver!

Personally I love the homage to Remedy's previous ideas and concepts like Alan's old outfit with the green trench coat and orange scarf. Great references. Brilliant drawings. And one of the best Alan Wake fanartists on Tumblr!

Make sure to follow 03roku on Tumblr and Twitter.


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