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16th June 2013
Find Out More About Quantum Break!

This morning our community manager, Lauri, posted up a new thread on the Remedy forums. If you have any burning questions about Quantum Break, make sure to post them on the thread as they will be posed to Sam, Ozz and Matias.

If you're not a member yet, registration is really quick and easy, and it's a lovely forum to be on full of enthusiastic and incredibly smart fans.

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Original Post: Remedy Forums (by Lauri)

Now that E3 is done & dusted, it's time to gather the remaining Quantum Break questions. I'll try to ping Sam, Matias & Ozz to answer, so you pretty much have the same opportunity to get some QB insights like the press got during our backroom demo.

Please read first the very helpful Kotaku and Polygon articles. I can't promise that this Q&A will bring an abundance of new info, but at least there's a chance to sort out some unclear answers we might've given.

To keep this topic as straightforward as possible, please ask just one question per post (and avoid spamming this topic at the same time). Also keep in mind that this Q&A is about Quantum Break, not about Xbox One. 


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