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11th May 2013
Imaginaerum Now Out!

I’d been meaning to post this up for a while now, but the amount of work has prevented me from writing about it until now but...Nightwish’s Imaginaerum is now out!

Those who may not be familiar with the behind the scenes work on the film may be a little confused about why this post is up here. Well, as well as being a fantastic and beautiful movie, it also has a lot in common with Remedy. There were three writers on the film, one of which was Remedy’s senior writer, Mikko Rautalahti. The  creator, writer and director was Stobe Harju (Cinematics Director at Remedy). The composer was Petri Alanko (who also worked on AW’s beautiful score). And finally, Ilkka Villi, the actor who portrayed Alan Wake has a major role in the movie.

The DVD also comes with a series of behind the scenes features including storyboards, concept artwork and a documentary. The documentary not only provides great insight with the creation of this film but also features interviews with everyone mentioned above, especially Ilkka invites the audience on a costume tour.

Where to buy it?
Mad Supply has several versions of the movie:
   - Imaginaerum (Scandinavian Version) DVD
   - Imaginaerum (Scandinavian Version) BluRay
   - Imaginaerum (International Version) DVD
   - Imaginaerum (International Version) BluRay


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