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27th April 2013
Liked The POTF Banner?

I have had a few messages from people saying that they really liked the banner we had during our Poets of the Fall 10th anniversary event. I was planning on writing this post anyway, but the amount of interest has made it almost vital! A few weeks ago I asked a wonderful artist if she could possibly draw a special banner for the event and luckily she agreed! The artist who created the fanart is the lovely Lana, also known as LanaChestnut on deviantArt.

Those who have visited the site before the POTF feature, might recognise her name from our Fan Art Fortnight event we did last month. She's an incredibly talented artist, with many drawings dedicated to both Alan Wake and Poets of the Fall available for your viewing pleasure on her dA page. Make sure to check them out!

I am really thankful for all her hard work in making the banner and for being incredibly flexible and perfect throughout the process. I really appreciate it, Lana!


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