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24th April 2013
Poets of the Fall Competition (Sponsored by Mad Supply)

It’s competition time! Mad Supply, who operates Poets of the Fall's store, has very generously donated a series of wonderful prizes (approximately €100 in total!) for our event.

Poets of the Fall are incredibly artistic from their CD artwork to the lyrics, their instrumental tracks to music videos. This competition focuses on the band’s and your own personal inner artist. We are looking for photographs inspired by the band’s songs. It could be a photo of a place, a craft, cosplay, or reenactment. You can write lyrics in an artistic way, or even recreate one of the album's covers.

Send your photographs to alanwakethesuddenstop (at) gmail (dot) com. If possible, please upload the entries to a website such as photobucket, flickr or Picasa with a direct link pasted in an email. In your email don't forget to tell us about your photo!
Numerous entries are allowed.

Deadline: Saturday 25th May 2013 (23:59 BST)
Announcement of Winners: Sunday 26th May 2013


We thought it would be nice to go back to the band's origins, so we're giving the first prize winner a Signs of Life "12 vinyl. The winner will also get to choose a t-shirt of their choice (both design and size) from the Poets of the Fall Webstore. There will be two runner ups who will each receive a t-shirt in the design and size of their own choosing.

Major thank you to Mad Supply for donating the prizes and Samuli for be incredible!


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