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2nd February 2013
American Nightmare at Half Price (5-11th February)

Joystiq recently confirmed that the XBOX360 version of Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be featured in a sale taking place between Tuesday 5th to Monday 11th February. During this time, the game will be available to purchase through the XBOXLIVE Marketplace for 600 Microsoft points (or £5.14)

The sale also includes several other games. Orcs Must Die will also be occupying American Nightmare as being available at 600 points. Whereas Hybrid, Zeno Clash UE, Earthworm Jim HD, and Kinect Central's Mini Ninjas Adventures will drop to 400 points each.

CLICK HERE for Joystiq's announcement.
CLICK HERE for Alan Wake's American Nightmare page via XBOXLIVE Marketplace.

Update: It seems that the game is a part of Microsoft's "Deal of the Week" promotion exclusively for Gold Members.  I don't think it's mentioned on Joystiq's page.


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