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11th February 2013
Community Spotlight: Nathan's Alan Wake Cosplay

I really like it when fans cosplay, I'm utterly useless at it myself, but I admire those who do as a hobby. The amount of dedication and accuracy they put into the outfit, searching for the right location, preparation for the photograph; it's a lot of work! Nathan, also known as AbraxasLester, is one of my favourite Alan Wake cosplayers who has posted a series of stunning photos online via his DeviantArt page. The outfit, location, and final product are all extraordinary and links perfectly to the games!

Recently he posted several new photographs, depicting everyone's lovable antagonist, Mr Scratch! He does a great job at encapsulating the relaxed and smug but menacing persona of the character.

My only concern regarding the photos is the drink. I can't help but imagine that if I was cosplaying Scratch, I'll probably end up accidently pouring it on my shirt at one point, an-

...Well...It's good to know that I wouldn't be the only one....I really hope that was cranberry juice!

Not only does he do a fantastic Mr Scratch but in the past he has also portrayed Alan Wake. I'm slightly in love with Nathan's choice of locations especially in the photo below. It looks isolated and separate from busy society, a perfect tribute to the games . Also this has got to be one of my favourite cosplay photos...

I just really love the soft beautiful sunlight in the centre with the more mysterious, looming darkness creeping in at the sides, through the trees.

Make sure to check out Nathan's DeviantArt page for more cosplays! CLICK HERE!


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