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7th January 2013
Community Spotlight: Alan Wake Rainmeter by Tristan (Kennyist)

Tristan from Kennyist Studios has created a fantastic Alan Wake Rainmeter theme which is free to download and use!

The theme is designed to mirror the in-game interface complete with the health bar (battery life), destination/goal (notes), and torch symbol (free hard drive space). There's a variety of elements to add so you can customise your desktop, including an Alan Wake news tracker! It's a very clever design!

List of elements:
 - Shutdown controls
 - Hard drive Stats
 - Media Player info
 - Network stats
 - System info
 - Steam Game launcher
 - Gmail viewer
 - Weather
 - Shortcuts (e.g programs or internet)
 - Wifi panel
 - Alan Wake news tracker
 - System Stats
 - Server monitor
(All of which are designed with the Alan Wake theme in mind)

Check out the project at the Remedy forums or Kennyist Studio.


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