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27th January 2013
Behind Scenes Look at Remedy

Remedy now comes with a rock soundtrack! Earlier today, the developers posted a video via their YouTube channel promoting a series of new job openings. I love Remedy and I particularly love their company promotions whenever they're hiring, they're always amusing and interesting, and this video is no different. The video gives a unique look into the company; the work environment and the benefits.

Also something very interesting was pointed out by Oliver when I posted it via our Facebook channel. He referred to the possibility of new motion capture footage at the 1:02 point. For the previous Alan Wake titles there wasn't much released about the motion capture process. The photographs that have been released doesn't show the extra helmet pieces that are visible in the video. Ilkka has commented on the fact that he recorded the character's facial animation separately...It could be that for the upcoming game, they're recording the facial movements at the same time as the body movements; I've seen something similar with some of the behind the scenes work for the upcoming Tomb Raider game.


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